September 2, 2013

World Adventures tip: A room with no doors?

So as you’re wandering around and exploring in tombs on your World Adventures, keep an eye on your sim’s want list.  When you enter a room and see this one pop up in the top panel…


… it’s a pretty safe bet that somewhere in that room there is a hidden door.  So, assuming that you have an empty slot in your want list, add this wish to your sim’s list and find that door.  Look around the room for walls that have a slightly different shade of wallpaper color, or floor panels that use a different texture or that are covered with semicircular rugs against a wall.

However, be careful when you see the “Disarm a trap” desire pop up when you walk into a room, it is likely that there is a trap in that room, but I’ll have more on that at a later date..