What is this?

YABATS is, as the blog name suggests, Yet Another Blog About The Sims.  This is a place for me to post screenshots, howtos, miscellaneous gameplay tips and tricks plus a little bit of news here and there.  There are plenty of other sites already that are trying to be the everything encyclopedia of The Sims, so I don't plan to take that path (at least not yet).

Who am I?

I've been playing The Sims since the first Sim game was released, although I didn't jump immediately onto The Sims franchise itself until about a year after its initial release.  I have most of the expansion packs and some of the stuff packs from The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.  And before you ask, my professional background is in computer programming, which leads to my ethical standard of legally purchasing licenses to every piece of software that I use (and that's the main reason why I don't have every single expansion, stuff or download).
I welcome Sims 3 friend requests.  I also randomly send gifts to other simmers on my friends list, so there may be rewards in it for you too.  My Sims 3 profile name is Slambo, so send me a friend request!

WTF is a "bonk"????

As I play The Sims, I watch for funny or unusual things to happen both to my sims and to the other sims in the neighborhood.  Sims are funny creatures and left to their own devices, they will give flowers to ghosts, put their freezer bunny dolls in the wash, hide behind bushes, and play piano in the nude.  The "bonk" keyword is one that I use to label screenshots of this unusual behavior.  In general, this category is for screenshots of sims that are behaving according to their programming and that are not the result of a bug in the programming.  Some of the posts in this category really should be categorized as bugs, but once a post is up, I generally won't change it.  So take a wander through this category and have a few laughs.

Anything else?

I'm sure there's more that I could type about this blog, but I want to keep things fairly simple.  I blog about The Sims.