September 3, 2013

World Adventures and Island Paradise bug: travel while already on vacation

In my time playing World Adventures, I’ve found that the fastest way for my sim to earn money is to go on an adventure and hunt through the tombs (and yes, I do plan to make some walkthrough tutorials eventually…).  So now that I’ve got Island Paradise as well, it was only natural that I would send my sailor sims on adventures.  Today I found a menu option that shouldn’t have appeared.  My sim was finishing up her current vacation and it was time to send her home; rather than waiting for the game to time out, I had my sim pull out her phone and that’s when I saw this…


On the “Real Estate and Travel Services…” menu, I was expecting only to see “Return Home” but instead got the option to “Travel” again.  So I clicked on Travel to send her to France; it opened the travel itinerary window, but the three worlds that were available in the menu were Egypt, France and Barnacle Bay, instead of showing me a list of all my installed worlds like it does when my sim is at home.  However, no matter which of the three worlds I selected, the OK checkmark stayed grayed out and the game would not let my sim travel from China directly to another world.

In this case, I clicked on the phone icon in my sim’s inventory panel to get to the travel menu (that’s why my sim’s disembodied head appears in the panel rather than further up on the screen).  I have yet to try clicking on my sim to go through the “Cell Phone…” menu to check for this bug, so I don’t know if this is isolated to one menu.

It seems to me that the Travel option should not have appeared on the menu in the first place in this situation.  Now as a former computer programmer myself, I know that it is virtually impossible to eliminate all bugs in a product before it ships, and as far as the severity of this one goes, this is pretty minor.  But I hope the devs find out about this problem and can include a fix in the next update (which will likely be released on the date that the Into The Future expansion pack is available).