September 29, 2013

Another kind of snowman

So I knew that when sims practice making snowmen they can unlock new types of snowmen.  So far, my playable characters haven’t gotten beyond the traditional snowman because I’ve been having them practice other skills to reach their lifetime goals.  But when Ashley was in Shang Sim-la to help me make some tomb walkthrough videos, a townie built this type that I hadn’t seen yet…


Later in that same sim day, I had Ashley sleeping in her tent on the market lot and a meteorite fell on it (but I was able to wake her and get her out of danger before impact).  That leads me to wonder: did the reaper snowman cause the meteorite or was it just a coincidence?

After the meteorite impact, I sent Ashley back to base camp where she found a s-GNOME-man Bittertotter magic gnome next to the mailbox.  Bonus!