All wishes challenge

Defining the challenge

The Goal

Guide your sim family through as many generations as needed to have every lifetime wish achieved by at least one sim.

The Rules

The rules of this challenge are simple:
  • start with one sim with any and all attributes that you want
  • make this sim achieve his lifetime wish
  • make this sim start a family
  • raise the family in successive generations to achieve every lifetime wish available in your game
Your sims must earn their money and increase skills from regular in-game mechanics.  In general, don't use any cheats (judicious use of house building cheats like moveobjects or constrainfloorelevation as well as resetsim are allowed as needed).  The following cheats are NOT ALLOWED:
  • kaching
  • motherlode
  • familyfunds
  • any cheat that will promote your sims' skill levels or increase bank account balances or that will allow your sim to buy lots, items or skills for free

My progress in the challenge

There is a complete list of lifetime wishes at Carl's Sims Guide. The number of lifetime wishes per expansion is as follows:
  • base game: 32
    • become a creature-robot cross breeder
    • become a master thief 
    • become an astronaut
    • become a superstar athlete
    • celebrated five-star chef
    • CEO of a mega-corporation
    • chess legend
    • emperor of evil
    • forensics specialist - dynamic DNA profiler
    • gold digger
    • golden tongue / golden fingers
    • heartbreaker
    • hit movie composer
    • illustrious author
    • international super spy
    • jack of all trades
    • leader of the free world
    • living in the lap of luxury
    • master of the arts - in progress in generation 2
    • perfect mind, perfect body
    • presenting the perfect private aquarium - completed in generation 1
    • professional author
    • Renaissance sim - in progress in generation 2
    • rock star
    • star news anchor
    • super popular
    • surrounded by family
    • swimming in cash
    • the culinary librarian
    • the perfect garden
    • the tinkerer
    • world renowned surgeon
  • World Adventures: 8
    • bottomless nectar cellar
    • great explorer
    • martial arts master
    • physical perfection - completed in generation 1
    • private museum
    • seasoned traveler
    • visionary
    • world class gallery
  • Ambitions: 8
    • descendant of Da Vinci
    • fashion phenomenon
    • firefighter super hero
    • home design hotshot
    • monster maker
    • paranormal profiteer
    • pervasive private eye
    • possession is nine tenths of the law
  • Late Night: 6
    • distinguished director
    • lifestyle of the rich and famous
    • master mixologist
    • master romancer
    • one sim band
    • superstar actor
  • Generations: 0
  • Pets: 7
    • the animal rescuer
    • the ark builder
    • the canine companion
    • the cat herder
    • the fairy tale finder
    • the jockey
    • the zoologist
  • Showtime: 3
    • master acrobat
    • master magician
    • vocal legend
  • Supernatural: 9
    • alchemy artisan
    • celebrity psychic
    • greener gardens
    • leader of the pack
    • magic makeover
    • master of mysticism
    • mystic healer
    • turn the town
    • zombie master
  • University Life: 6
    • blog artist
    • major master
    • perfect student
    • reach max influence with all social groups
    • scientific specialist
    • street credible
  • Island Paradise: 3
    • deep sea diver
    • grand explorer
    • resort empire
    • seaside savior
  • Into the Future: 4
    • high tech collector
    • made the most of my time
    • more than a machine
So all together there are 86 different lifetime wishes when all expansion packs are installed.

Generation 1

Raven Hendrickson profile imageRaven Hendrickson - my starting sim. Raven is a witch whose lifetime wish was Physical Perfection (mastering both athletic and martial arts skills).  She achieved this wish just after college.

Christopher Hendrickson profile iconChristopher Hendrickson - Raven's husband. Christopher was a townie that Raven met when she returned from college with her degree. Christopher's lifetime wish was Presenting The Perfect Private Aquarium (having perfect specimens of 13 different species of fish in fishbowls on the home lot).  Christopher achieved his wish after visiting Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims.

Generation 2

Abbie Hendrickson profile iconAbbie Hendrickson - Abbie inherited the witch gene from her mother; Abbie is the twin sister of Michelle.  Abbie has not yet settled on a lifetime wish, but her traits and skills are aimed toward a career in business.  For her lifetime wish, Abbie has chosen to be a Renaissance sim.

Michelle Hendrickson profile iconMichelle Hendrickson - Michelle also inherited the witch gene from her mother; Michelle is the twin sister of Abbie.  Michelle's traits and skill development through childhood are preparing her for a career in the arts. She has selected the Master of the Arts lifetime wish (master both painting and guitar skills).