There are a lot of moodlets that will appear and disappear based on a number of factors. Here is a little more information about specific moodlets. The font color on the moodlet name indicates whether it is negative (red), neutral (black) or positive (green); the moodlet icons also have a similar color code in the background of the moodlet icons for negative (red), neutral (blue) and positive (green).
a bit juiced
Get out the red plastic cups and tap the juice keg. Sims are getting a bit juiced as the first step toward full on debauchery. It's amazing what a little juice pong or a keg stand will do to a sim.
Added with: University Life
abducted moodlet iconabducted
Sims will have the Abducted moodlet for 10 sim hours after returning from an alien abduction event.
Added with: Seasons
adrenaline rush
Daredevil sims love to take actions to the extreme. When they're showing off their feats of fearlessness, they get a rush from it and get this positive moodlet to appear.
The World Adventures expansion pack added several new traits, and along with those came a few moodlets. One of the more obvious combinations is for adventurous sims; when they enter a tomb in one of the adventure worlds, adventurous sims get this positive moodlet that helps them along their quest for the end room of the tomb.
allergy haze moodlet iconallergy haze
The Seasons expansion pack added a new type of collectible, wildflowers. But whenever a sim picks one of them, she will always take a big whiff of its flower, often getting a bunch of pollen up her nose leading to this negative moodlet. The two ways out of this moodlet are to either wait for it to expire or head over to the town hospital for an allergy shot. Now if only the supermarket sold antihistamines.
Added with: Seasons
anniversary time
Some simmers play characters that have "a girl in every port" while others are more content to play one couple for as long as simily possible. Married sims who stick together long enough will be able to celebrate anniversaries with this positive moodlet coming up once every sim year.
See also: faithful, eternally faithful
Added with: Generations
attractive company moodlet iconattractive company
Sims know instantly who they want to get to know better. When your sim has one or more traits in common with another sim in the same room, or if they have compatible zodiac signs and are in the same room, your sim will try to tell you with this moodlet. Your task is then to find that other attractive sim and have your sim socialize to build that relationship. It could lead to something quite wonderful.
baby is coming moodlet iconbaby is coming!
Baby time is something that sims will not ignore. Once the message appears, sims in the family get this positive moodlet which lasts through the birth process.
bad exam taker moodlet iconbad exam taker
Sims who do not study during the university term are likely to not do very well when it comes to the exams at the end of the term. A less-than-stellar mood on the way into the exam will also negatively affect the sim's performance. When sims don't do well, they get this negative moodlet.
Opposite of: with flying colors
Added with: University Life
beautiful vista moodlet iconbeautiful vista
You know how remote lots that overlook a scenic valley are more valuable than lots on flat land mixed in next to several others? Sims notice that too and when they are on lots with nice views, they get a positive mood boost.
believes the sky is falling moodlet iconbelieves the sky is falling
One of the tasks to change the future sim world to the dystopian future is to attend the Doomsayers meeting at your sim's local town hall. Doing so convinces your sim that the sky is falling and gives her this negative moodlet.
Added with: Into The Future
boring conversation
When your sim repeats the same interaction with another sim several times, the other sim will probably appear bored after a little while. The same thing happens when other sims repeat the same interaction with your sim, which produces this negative moodlet. This moodlet can also come up if a sim decides to tour one of the rabbitholes but doesn't have a particularly fun time with the tour (especially if the sim sneaks off with another sim for some woohoo in a secluded space within that rabbithole).
breathtaking balance moodlet iconbreathtaking balance
Fine nectar pleases the sim palate like, well, like fine nectar. After sampling better nectar, sims will sometimes get this positive moodlet showing their appreciation.
Added with: World Adventures
brightened day
What happens when you use a jar of potent friendship on yourself? It reaffirms that you are your own best friend and pushes your mood up to its maximum, at least that's what it does for sims. This moodlet could also appear if another sim uses the "brighten day" interaction on your sim.
brushed moodlet iconbrushed
Normally reserved for animals, this positive moodlet appears in an animal's moodlet list after a sim brushes the animal. However, a sim can earn this moodlet as well after a positive dream in the dream pod about animals.
Added with: Pets
burnin' up the hoops
Added with: Buzzer Beater Free Throw Machine
burning loins
Sometimes the love tester at the spring festival produces a rather hot result. This positive mood boost helps bolster a sim's self esteem and strengthens her confidence to find and interact with that special somesim.
Added with: Seasons
buzz crashed
They say that the more buzzed they are the harder they crash. After coming off a coffee buzz, sims will also feel an energy crash. They will be less willing to perform actions that require any strenuous work and they will want to get to bed sooner with this negative moodlet.
Added with: World Adventures and University Life
That triple-shot macchiato has a strong effect on sims. It wakes them up, and they feel buzzed, but only for a little while.
Added with: World Adventures and University Life
can't believe my eyes moodlet iconcan't believe my eyes
Toddler sims who play with the imaginary friend doll will develop a friendship with it. Once the toddler ages up to a child, she will usually get anotice that the imaginary friend doll wants to come out to play. Set the doll out on the floor and watch what happens, producing this moodlet.
Added with: Generations
clean sheets
The washing machine that was added with one of the game updates to The Sims 3 cleans more than just sim clothing. When sims next use their beds after doing laundry, they will find that the sheets have been changed as well and they'll get the clean sheets moodlet, further improving their moods.
cold shower
You know the old saying "you get what you pay for" right? It holds true for sims as well. The cheap shower that most sims start out with isn't just inexpensive, it is more likely to run out of hot water and give sims the cold shower moodlet.
comfy moodlet iconcomfy
"No! No! Not the comfy chair!" Yes, many chairs and beds in the game are comfortable and sims who use them will have their moods enhanced with this moodlet.
compelled to party
The special edition of the University Life expansion pack includes a statue of Partaeus Maximus, the ancient Sim god of parties. When he is activated at a party, all of the sims switch to togas and feel an odd compulsion to make the party the best party ever.  There is bound to be a lot of fizzy spray and shenanigans at this party!
Added with: Partaeus Maximus
completely at ease
Few activities are more relaxing to sims than an appointment at the day spa. After taking part in one of the luxury packages, sims get a feeling of total ease for a while.
cozy fire moodlet iconcozy fire
There's nothing like curling up in front of the fireplace with a nice cozy fire burning. Sims like that feeling too and get this moodlet when they're in rooms with fires burning in the fireplaces. This moodlet also appears sometimes after harvesting flame fruit (which was added with World Adventures).
creepy crawlies moodlet iconcreepy crawlies
Like any sim endeavor, building nanites with the bot creation station can be a failure for the sim. When that happens, the sim suddenly feels like the nanites are crawling all over her and she is creeped out by it. And while this moodlet is active, the sim will feel nanites crawling all over her and will do a little insect freak out dance (the autonomous "scratch nanites" interaction) about every 45 sim minutes.
Added with: Into the Future
crying baby moodlet iconcrying baby
To many sims, being in a room with a crying baby is just a nuisance. To the baby's parents, it can mean a bit more. Whatever the relationship, sims don't like to hear crying babies.
dean's list moodlet icondean's list
This isn't about some kid named Dean who is making a list; this is the list of high-achieving students that the university dean keeps. Sims who score consistently high on class assignments and exams while at university are added to this list.
Added with: University Life
decorated moodlet icondecorated
The Sims 3 might not have the environment need bar like the Sims 2 did, but that doesn't mean that sims don't care about their environment. When you're building sim houses, add some pictures to their walls and a couple other little items in the rooms (even just adding the towels and toilet paper roll in the bathrooms is better than nothing), and your sims will get this positive moodlet when they are in rooms with those decorations.
denied for dance moodlet icondenied for dance
Teen sims at prom will approach other sims and ask them to dance. If they haven't built up a relationship yet, the request may be rejected, giving the asking sim this negative moodlet.
Added with: Generations
dirty surroundings moolet icondirty surroundings
Unless a sim has the slob trait, she won't like being in rooms that have trash lying around or that have dirty appliances or plumbing fixtures. The simple solution, assuming your sim family has the money, is to buy the services or objects that will keep things clean (like the maid or butler, or a Bonehilda coffin or a cleaning bot). Of course, you could always direct your sim to do the cleaning herself...
disgusted moodlet icondisgusted
Smelly sims just are not pleasant to be around. Sims near them, whether they are sweaty from workouts or babies with dirty diapers, will get this negative moodlet until they are no longer near them (or until the smell is removed by bathing or changing).
Using the harvester that sim inventors create is not for the faint of stomach. A sim's first attempt with the harvester may end up spinning her out of control causing stress and dizziness.
Added with: Ambitions
don't scan me, bro! moodlet icondon't scan me, bro!
If it seems like plumbots have a mind of their own, well, they do, and not every sim is pleased about it either. When a sim is scanned by an unfamiliar bot, the sim will sometimes not like the interaction at all and will have this negative moodlet appear for a while.
Added with: Into the Future
double dreaming moodlet icondouble dreaming
The dream pod is a double bed with a few extra features. Sims can select their dreams, but when two sims sleep together or woohoo in a dream pod, they can share the same dream and both get the positive or negative effects of the dream. When they share a dream pod like this, both sims get this positive moodlet for the day.
Added with: Into the Future
dream pod positive result moodlet icon[dream pod]
dream pod neutral dream moodlet iconThe dream pod available in Oasis Landing can produce dreams for sims on a very wide range of themes, depending on how many other expansion packs are installed. While your sim is dreaming, this moodlet icon will appear with eitherIf your sim has a pleasant dream and positive outcome from the dream, this moodlet will appear with a name appropriate for the dream type (and sometimes one of the sim's traits will be altered for a while too), e.g.:
  • acquaintance – neutral dream about strangers; adds a random sim to your sim's relationship list as an acquaintance
  • all chatted out – positive dream about social interactions; fills social need
  • beaming charisma – positive dream about public speaking; charisma will increase faster for a while
  • brimming with energy – positive dream about waking up; duration of sleep to fully energized is reduced significantly
  • brush with the beyond – positive dream about animals (added with Pets); sim wakes with the brushed moodlet
  • dream sailor – positive dream about fun in the water (added with Island Paradise); replaces a random trait with the sailor trait
  • dream wanderer – positive dream about travel (added with World Adventures); sim wakes with bonus visa points
  • dreamily fit – positive dream about body image; sim wakes thinner and more fit
  • eager for next workout – positive dream about workouts; exercising will increase the athletic skill more quickly
  • empty bladder – positive dream about running water; sim wakes with a fully satisfied bladder need
  • fish magnet – positive dream about sleeping with fishes; sim wakes with a random collection of fish in his personal inventory as "pockets loaded with fish!"
  • fleeting cleanliness – positive dream about cleaning house; replaces a random trait temporarily with the neat trait
  • fleeting daredevilry – positive dream about heroism; replaces a random trait temporarily with the daredevil trait
  • fleeting family loyalty – positive dream about family; replaces a random trait temporarily with the family oriented trait
  • fleeting fidelity – positive dream about close relationships; replaces a random trait temporarily with the family oriented trait.
  • fleeting hilarity – positive dream about laughter; replaces a random trait temporarily with the good sense of humor trait
  • fleetingly flirty – positive dream about romance; replaces a random trait temporarily with the flirty trait
  • inspired bot building – positive dream about bot construction; learning the bot building skill will occur more quickly
  • minimum filth – positive dream about personal hygiene; fully satisfies a sim's hygiene need
  • night nurse – positive dream about generations; replaces a random trait temporarily with the nurturing trait (added with Generations)
  • outrageous fortune – positive dream about dumb luck; replaces a random trait with the lucky trait
  • reminded of workout plans – neutral dream about a workout
  • sultry night – positive dream about the weather (added with Seasons); also adds the getting warm moodlet
  • thrilled about the future – positive dream about advanced technology; learning the advanced technology skill will occur more quickly
  • totally opposed – positive dream about opposite personality; replaces a random trait with its exact opposite
  • ultimate extrovert – positive dream about strangers; adds a random sim to the sim's relationship list with some positive relationship points
  • unconscious performer – positive dream about the stage (added with Showtime); replaces a random trait with the natural born performer trait
  • undeniable logic – positive dream about logic; learning the logic skill will occur more quickly
  • a whole new you – positive dream about a different personality; most of a sims traits are altered to random new traits
Added with: Into the Future
duck time moodlet iconduck time
Taking a bath with the rubber ducky (available for purchase from the general store) will produce this moodlet.
embarrassed moodlet iconembarrassed
Most sims like to do their bathroom business in private. So when a second sim walks into the bathroom while a sim is either bathing or using the toilet, both sims will get a negative embarrassment moodlet for a little while.
embracing the future
Sims are curious and they love to explore. When they travel to the future and see how well things have turned out, they get this positive moodlet while they are there.
Added with: Into the Future
enjoying music moodlet iconenjoying music
This moodlet appears when a sim is in the same room as a radio that is turned on. The positive effect will be stronger if the sim's favorite type of music is playing.
enjoying solitude moodlet iconenjoying solitude
Sims with the loner trait are happiest when there are no other sims around. They love being alone, and will get this positive moodlet when they are.
entertained moodlet iconentertained
This is a pretty generic positive moodlet, but it's one that can really help improve a sim's overall mood. Sims will usually get this moodlet during a pleasant conversation (both live and over the phone) or while playing games.
eternally faithful
After a while of remaining faithful to another sim and proving the commitment, sims who stick together will "level up" to this positive moodlet that reflects their reputation. This moodlet will sometimes be rewarded around the time of a married sim's wedding anniversary.
See also: anniversary time, faithful
exhilarating shower
You know that feeling you get after a really good, refreshing shower? Sims get it too, usually after using the more expensive shower objects.
faithful moodlet iconfaithful
Even though it might not be obvious from regular gameplay, there is a reputation system in The Sims 3. When two sims stick to each other through marriage and don't flirt with anyone but their partners, they can earn a faithful reputation, at which point, this positive moodlet will appear. Faithful sims are generally not approached romantically by most sims other than their partners.
See also: eternally faithful
Opposite of: naughty
family ties moodlet iconfamily ties
Visiting your descendants in the sim future does not cause a paradox. It just doesn't, because Sims! But when your sim does visit descendants, it will often be a pleasant experience with this moodlet appearing for a while.
Added with: Into the Future
fascinated moodlet iconfascinated
Intellectual sims will sometimes just look around and contemplate their surroundings. Other sims will take tours of some of the public buildings in the town. The positive result of both of these actions is a feeling of fascination over what the sim saw.
fatigued moodlet iconfatigued
With too much strenuous activity, sims will eventually feel fatigued. This neutral moodlet is more of a delay timer between exercise workouts; when sims are fatigued they will not want to do any more exercise and many physical fitness interactions with objects will be unavailable. This moodlet usually lasts for 8 sim hours.
feeling anxious moodlet iconfeeling anxious about...
Neurotic sims will often find that they are worried about a number of things, especially the status of various home appliances and plumbing fixtures. These sims will periodically get this moodlet related to a specific object in the home. When this moodlet appears, have your sim check the item that is mentioned in the moodlet title.
feeling calm moodlet iconfeeling calm
After checking the item that brought on the Feeling Anxious About... moodlet, the sim will walk away with the Feeling Calm moodlet and have a positive boost for a few sim hours.
feeling lucky moodlet iconfeeling lucky
Once in a while, your sim will wake up following a good night sleep with this moodlet. Your sim has a more optimistic view of the day and may find that things work out more often than usual on these days.
feeling slightly unlucky moodlet iconfeeling slightly unlucky
With the addition of the Showtime expansion pack also came hecklers. The thing is, the target of heckling doesn't always have to be a sim who is giving a performance. Everyday sims can be heckled by other sims for any of a number of reasons. When they are heckled, it affects their mood with this negative moodlet.
first class moodlet iconfirst class
Going to college is a big transition for most sims, and it can be especially memorable for sims who work hard to excel in their chosen field. After attending the first class of the term and actively working to learn the material presented, sims will often get this positive moodlet.
Added with: University Life
first kiss moodlet iconfirst kiss
Figuring out why we tilt our heads to lock lips (and avoid bumping our noses together) is a big deal. Whether it's a quick peck or something more involved, sims relish their first kiss with this moodlet.
first lecture moodlet iconfirst lecture
Like the first class moodlet, this moodlet appears after a sim attends her first lecture at university. It's pretty common for the teacher sim to drone on about something, putting most of the class to sleep.
Added with: University Life
first romance moodlet iconfirst romance
They say that you never forget your first love. For sims, finding that first special someone is a cause for a positive moodlet.
flattered moodlet iconflattered
What happens when you direct your sim to compliment another sim? As at least one movie star said, "flattery will get you everywhere." The recipient of the compliment will often get this positive moodlet from the conversation.
foot in mouth moodlet iconfoot in mouth
You know those times when you have a brilliant observation to state but when you try to verbalize it, things just go utterly wrong? That happens to sims in everyday conversation too. When it does, the sim gets this negative moodlet.
fulfilled moodlet iconfulfilled
Sims love it when you can guide them to satisfy a valuable desire. Doing so not only rewards the sim with a boost in lifetime achievement points, which can then be spent on a number of rewards that can make the sim's life much easier, but often the sim will feel fulfilled and have this positive mood boost. Now if only it lasted longer...
future passenger
When the Late Night expansion pack was released, sims gained access to a subway system to get around the town. Now with Into the Future, Oasis Landing includes the next iteration of rapid transit in the form of an elevated monorail with an invisible track. Sims who ride this new monorail get this positive moodlet when they exit.
Added with: Into the Future
germy moodlet icongermy
Sims who stay out in the cold, especially if they end up with the soaked moodlet, without their winterwear run a chance of catching a cold. The onset of a cold is usually indicated by a message that the sim is "feeling a bit ill" and the desire to go get a flu shot. The message and the desire can both be cancelled, but the accompanying germy moodlet cannot. It will stick around until the sim is healthy again, either by getting the shot or by letting the cold run its course.
Added with: Seasons
getting chilly moodlet icongetting chilly
In and around winter the outside temperatures get colder than they do in the rest of the year. The same expansion pack that added colder weather also added winterwear outfits, and using them is one way to at least postpone seeing this moodlet appear. Like some of the other moodlets, this is a warning moodlet that a needs bar, in this case a hidden need for temperature, is getting low. When this moodlet appears, your sim will sometimes get the warm up wish; both the wish and moodlet are easy to accommodate, just go indoors and wait for a little while.
Added with: Seasons
getting warm
Obviously, this moodlet is the opposite of getting chilly. Sims will start to feel warm when they've been out in the summer sun for a few sim hours. Like its opposite, this is a warning moodlet; if ignored, it could lead to sunburn and fainting. Also like its opposite, the resolution is to get your sim indoors to cool down, but buying a treat from the portable snow cone maker would also help.
Added with: Seasons
gift of giving moodlet icon[the] gift of giving
Sims like giving gifts as much as they like receiving them. Giving gifts to sims in the same town or sending gifts to online friends will both give the sim this positive moodlet. But, it seems that sending gifts to online friends will make two moodlets appear, one titled "Gift of Giving" and the other titled "The Gift of Giving" both for a few sim hours, but both using the same moodlet icon. I don't have any confirmation if the double-plus good moodlets are intentional or if it is the result of a bug in the software.
gleeful grape moodlet icongleeful grape
This is one of the moodlets that appears after a sim eats a snow cone. The happy purple flavor makes other food taste better.
Added with: Seasons
good meal moodlet icongood meal
As sims increase their cooking skill levels and practice making dishes more often, the quality of the food they prepare will also increase. The Good Meal moodlet appears after sims have a well-prepared dish, especially if they can get a plate of the meal quickly after it is prepared. Better ingredients (which can be obtained by growing them yourself) and better tools (i.e. more expensive stoves and fridges) will have a higher chance of producing a good meal.
got in a fight moodlet icongot in a fight
It doesn't always matter who started it or who won it. When a sim gets into a fight, especially when the sim's traits are mostly on the friendly side of the spectrum, this moodlet could appear.
got in trouble moodlet icongot in trouble
The first rule about setting booby traps is not to get caught setting the trap. When teen sims are caught, the adult sims give them a scolding and the teen leaves the conversation feeling a little worse with this negative moodlet. The teen can apologize right away to help heal the relationship, but should avoid trouble around the adult sim for a little while.
Added with: Generations
got kissed at kissing booth moodlet icongot kissed at kissing booth
Another activity at the spring festival is the kissing booth. Whichever of the two booths are used, the sim that pays for a kiss there will get this positive moodlet from it.
got recognized
Sims moving their way up the celebrity ladder will be spotted and recognized more often when they go out on the town. Random sims near them will be star-struck by their appearance and will sometimes take cell phone photos of them when they see them. When celebrity sims go to stores and out to dinner, they will often get discounts from the proprietors as a thank you for visiting. In each of these situations, the celebrity sim will usually get this positive moodlet from the interaction
See also: star-struck and in the limelight
Added with: Late Night
got ripped off!
While consignment stores make great places to sell your sim's goods, they're not always the best places to buy goods. Sims are very price conscious and will get this moodlet if they feel they've been overcharged for something. This is especially true if they buy collectible items, such as common plant materials, that are freely available in the wild.
gotta blog moodlet icongotta blog about...
Once sims start blogging, they will sometimes feel the need to blog about events that occur in their lives. This moodlet will appear after fortuitous events with the moodlet named populated with the good event that just happened. When this moodlet appears, have your sim write a blog post as soon as possible to get the greatest reward both in mood and in blog followers.
Added with: University Life.
great kiss moodlet icongreat kiss
Sims with the great kisser trait have a special talent that really shows itself off when the sim is feeling romantic. After any kiss interaction with a sim that has this trait, both sims in the interaction will earn this positive moodlet.
great time out
Sims love going out on the town with their friends, at least sims that aren't loners or afraid of crowds love to. A successful outing with friends can be as simple as going to a cafe for a donut. Wherever they go, when sims have fun with their friends, they earn this positive moodlet.
grungy moodlet icongrungy
This is the opposite of the Squeaky Clean moodlet. Sims will feel Grungy when their hygiene needs are near empty. The simple solution to remove this moodlet is to have your sim bathe. Swimming will help, but nowhere near as quickly as a bath or shower.
had a good dream moodlet iconhad a good dream
With the addition of the Generations expansion pack, teen sims can be directed to dream while they're sleeping. The interaction isn't as involved as the dreams that can be influenced in the dream pod from Into the Future, but they can have a positive effect on a sim's mood. Sims who go to bed in a relatively good mood have a higher chance of having a good dream.
Opposite of: had a nightmare
Added with: Generations
had a nightmare moodlet iconhad a nightmare
If your teen sims go to bed in a bad mood there is a higher likelihood that using the "dream about..." interaction on the sim's bed will cause a nightmare. The nightmares don't wake them up, but sims remember them for at least part of the day.
Opposite of: had a good dream
Added with: Generations
has to pee moodlet iconhas to pee
This is another neutral warning moodlet. This one, naturally, is connected to a sim's Bladder need bar.
having a blast moodlet iconhaving a blast
The next step up from Entertained is Having a Blast. Sims can easily attain this moodlet by continuing the activities that give them the Entertained moodlet. This will vary based on your sim's traits, but playing games will almost always help a sim to get this moodlet.
having a midlife crisis moodlet iconhaving a midlife crisis
As a sim ages up from young adult to adult, there is a chance that he will start into a midlife crisis. The sim wants to make some pretty big changes in his life, so when this moodlet appears, watch his wishes closely; fulfilling the right wishes will lead to a positive outcome.
Added with: Generations
having a mood swing
It seems that teenage sims, with the addition of the Generations expansion pack, are alternately all full of angst and joy. Some mornings they get out of bed with a warning moodlet to tell you they are having mood swings so they may shift from happy to angry very quickly that day. All there is for you is to wait it out. But you could also use this moodlet's onset as an excuse to completely change how you're raising your sim because she will want to do a lot of things that are entirely against where she is in her demeanor and relationships.
Added with: Generations
here comes the sun
Added with: Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower
hibernation sickness moodlet iconhibernation sickness
Even though the stasis chamber restores all of a sims' needs to 100%, emerging from stasis is often a rough ride for sims, leaving them with this negative moodlet for a short while.
Added with: Into the Future Limited Edition – Quantum Power Pack
holiday cheer moodlet iconholiday cheer
When Snowflake Day arrives, sims are filled with holiday cheer as evidenced by this moodlet. This is one of the four holiday moodlets, so hang your holiday house lights then call your sim's friends and throw a gift-giving party to celebrate.
Added with: Seasons.
honor student moodlet iconhonor student
Getting on the honor roll is as simple as keeping your teen sim's grades up at A level. Once there, she'll feel good about her achievement with this positive moodlet.
hunger resolved moodlet iconhunger resolved
The food replicator that is available in the future is much better at making meals that are nutritionally filling for sims than even the finest of five-star sim chefs. The meals it synthesizes are so perfect in their chemical makeup that they not only satisfy hunger, they completely resolve it.
Added with: Into the Future
hungry moodlet iconhungry
This moodlet is a low Hunger need warning. It will appear when sims have not eaten for a while, but has a neutral effect on a sim's mood. But if the sim goes longer without eating, it will be replaced by the Very Hungry moodlet. Watch out if this moodlet shows up for a baby or toddler and feed the child right away unless you want your sims to get a visit from social services.
I am a real sim moodlet iconI am a real sim!
The imaginary friend turned into a real sim now has her own needs and feelings. One of her first moodlets as a fully playable sim in the household is this, which is from drinking the potion that made her real.
See also: Imaginary Friend Turned Real!
Added with: Generations
I am beautiful moodlet iconI am beautiful
Some sims, especially those with the diva or snob traits, love to check themselves out in the mirror. They think that they are the most beautiful sims in the town, and usually get this positive moodlet after reassuring themselves of this in the mirror.
I am the key master moodlet iconI am the key master
Sims love to discover things and when they travel to the future and unlock the crashed UFO, they get this positive moodlet for a little while.
Added with: Into the Future
I graduated!
Finishing off that last final exam is always a cause for celebration. Graduation for sims wasn't part of the base game even though they technically graduated from high school after aging up from teen to young adult. With Generations, there is a graduation ceremony, and there is also another graduation ceremony for sims who attend university.
Added with: Generations and University Life
I have the power moodlet iconI have the power
Plumbots don't need sleep, they need recharging. When they emerge from the charging chamber or are able to siphon power from electrical objects, they feel charged up and show this positive moodlet for a while.
Added with: Into the Future
imaginary friend made real moodlet iconimaginary friend turned real!
Once your teen sim completes the steps to get the right potion and administers it to her imaginary friend, the doll becomes a playable sim and is added to the household. The sim who offered the elixir gets this moodlet from the interaction.
See also: I am a real sim!
Added with: Generations
impressed moodlet iconimpressed
One activity that sims can do for fun, which can be especially useful when the stir crazy moodlet appears, is to tour the public buildings like the theater or city hall. This will usually have a positive outcome and lead to this positive moodlet from the experience.
in bliss
Drinking elixirs can have a number of effects, from negative to neutral to positive. One such effect is that of the Vial of Bliss, which will satisfy a sim's social and fun need bars for a while. During that time, this moodlet will appear.
Added with: Supernatural.
in the limelight
Once sims start their way up the star ladder of celebrity, the paparazzi take notice and start following them around. Celebrity sims who see them when they're taking their pictures will get this positive moodlet when they're around.
Added with: Late Night
insider tips moodlet iconinsider tips
Who hasn't dreamt of knowing the winning lottery numbers before the drawing? Sims who travel to the future can look them up at city hall and return to the sim present to buy that winning ticket. This moodlet indicates that your sim has those winning numbers and is ready to buy.
Added with: Into the Future
intrigued moodlet iconintrigued
Touring the science lab is often a lot more interesting for sims than touring the theater, unless their traits are more closely aligned with the theater, of course. Regardless, after a facility tour, the sim could come out feeling intrigued by what she saw on the tour.
it's a girl moodlet iconit's a boy! / it's a girl!
The situation that causes this moodlet should be fairly obvious. The gender of the moodlet matches the gender of the child.
it's dark moodlet iconit's dark
Most sims don't like being in a room with no lights. There are a couple of exceptions depending on which traits you have chosen for your sim, but usually when a sim can't see well, this negative moodlet will appear.
Getting ahead at work, to paraphrase one 19th century railroad baron, takes work, hard work and more work. For sims, this means showing up to work in a good mood and having good interactions with your sim's coworkers. But if you have your sim drink a liquid job booster elixir, he will be jobtastic and almost assuredly get a promotion the next time he goes to work.
Added with: Supernatural.
jumping jackpot
Sims with insider information about lottery numbers are much more likely to win when they purchase tickets, and when they do win, they may feel so excited that they just want to jump around to celebrate. This positive moodlet reflects that desire.
Added with:Into the Future
just a minor setback moodlet iconjust a minor setback
With the addition of the science research station that came with University Life, sims now have a way to perform horticulture, radiation and gene splicing experiments. Sims with low science skill levels will have their experiments fail more often than not, producing this negative moodlet.
Added with: University Life
just married moodlet iconjust married
Every girl sim dreams of her wedding day. Once it arrives, the happy couple both get this positive moodlet (unless one of the two has the commitment issues trait).
king for a day / queen for a day
Kids love to pretend. Sim children have a new chair interaction when Generations is installed; they can preside over the royal court from what becomes their throne. Sims who enter the room where the child is presiding over the court pay their homage by bowing respectfully, and the child gets this positive moodlet from it.
Added with: Generations
kissed under a full moon moodlet iconkissed under a full moon
It's said that the full moon brings out the crazy in sims. It can also bring out the romantic side of a sim. Sims who kiss at night while the full moon is out will get this positive moodlet.
Added with: Seasons
learning quickly moodlet iconlearning quickly
There are certain objects and locations in the game that will help your sims to learn skills at a more accelerated pace. When they are using those objects or are in those locations, they will be aware of it and have a positive mood boost through this moodlet.
[legacy statue moodlet] – honored philanthropist
One of the key features of the Into the Future expansion pack is the ability for sims of the sim present to affect the sim future. When they earn a legacy statue, this moodlet appears on their subsequent trips to Oasis Landing.
Added with: Into the Future
life is sweet
Honey - it's not just for tea any more. If your sim has a jar of honey in her inventory when she gets hungry, she may autonomously decide to drink the jar. It might not help much with the hunger need, but it will give her this positive moodlet.
Added with: Supernatural.
lightning magnet moodlet iconlightning magnet
When a sim earns this moodlet, sometimes from exploring a rift in the continuum, the sim is much more likely to be struck by lightning, whether there is a storm in the area or not.
Added with: Into The Future
listening to tabcast
Sims can gain skill points through a wide array of objects and activities in the game, but there is one method that will allow your sim to learn a skill while performing other tasks. The tablet computer premium content item from the Sims 3 Store adds the option for sims to listen to tabcasts that will gain them a skill point in one of the base game skills while the sim is doing other things. In addition to the blinking circle around their earbud while the tabcast is playing, the sim will get this neutral moodlet as well.
Added with: MultiTab 6000
lonely moodlet iconlonely
Sims are very social creatures. They need to interact with other sims to help keep their Social need bar filled. When it goes low, this negative moodlet will appear. The simple solution to remove it is to have your sim talk to another sim - any sim. Watch out if this moodlet appears in a baby or toddler sim's panel and have a sim interact with the child right away, because child neglect is one trigger that makes the social services agent show up to take away the children.
made a good sale
A big part of putting goods up for consignment, either at Landgraab Sell 'n Swap or at Aleister's Elixirs & Sundries, is waiting for them to sell. This moodlet appears when items finally do sell at a good price (from a seller's perspective). Sims with the Suave Seller lifetime reward or the Born Sales[wo]man trait have a higher likelihood of seeing this moodlet.
Added with: Ambitions and Supernatural.
makin' friends
With the Generations expansion pack, newborn sims are gifted an imaginary friend doll when they get home (have an older sim check the mailbox soon after the baby is born). Once the baby grows into a toddler, he can play with the doll and start to build a friendship with it, which leads to this moodlet.
Added with: Generations
minty breath moodlet iconminty breath
It's not quite that fresh from the dentist feeling, especially since there aren't any dentists in sim towns, but after brushing their teeth, sims will have minty breath for a few sim hours. It not only makes them feel good, but it can help with conversation interactions with other sims.
moondial horoscope, positive outcome, moodlet iconmoondial horoscope
Supernatural beings rely heavily on the phases of the moon to control their lives. The Supernatural expansion pack adds a moondial to the list of objects as a way for sims to check their moon horoscopes. There are several possible outcomes from this interaction, including:
  • possibility of new friendship - When this result is given, there is probably another sim on the lot or very nearby with compatible traits. Your sim may find this other sim attractive, so if your sim needs a new friend, take a look around.
  • possibility of romance - A step beyond friendship is certainly possible with this result. There is probably already a friend on the lot who your sim thinks is attractive.

Added with: Supernatural
my love
Once a sim forms a long-term relationship with another sim, just being in the same room as the other sim is enough to produce this positive moodlet.
What to rocking boats, failed elixir mixing and the early stages of pregnancy have in common? They are all situations that will make a sim nauseous. When this moodlet expires, the sim will have a vomit interaction that can't be cancelled; but once it is completed, the sim will feel better.
new car smell moodlet iconnew car smell
When sims get new cars, they get the new car smell for the first several trips using the car. The petroleum-based products used in building sim cars don't seem to negatively affect sims, but they sure like the smell.
new friend moodlet iconnew friend
Usually when your sim crosses the threshold of friendship with another sim, your sim will feel a sense of accomplishment and joy in making a connection with the other sim. Adding new friends then helps improve your sims' moods.
new home moodlet iconnew home
Sims love getting new stuff. They especially like it when the new stuff they get is big enough to live in, so when they move to a new home, they will often have this moodlet appear.
new stuff moodlet iconnew stuff
Whether they get them as gifts or the sims purchase the items themselves (okay, you purchase the items in buy mode for them), sims love getting new stuff. This moodlet appears for a few sim hours after adding new stuff to the sim's house.
newly engaged
After proposing marriage, assuming the interaction succeeds, the sims are labeled as fiancé to each other, and they each get this positive moodlet that sticks around for about a sim day.
nicely decorated moodlet iconnicely decorated
The next step up from the decorated moodlet is nicely decorated. Sims will get this moodlet when the room they are in has gems or fine art items on display. The more valuable the items on display, the more likely this moodlet is to appear.
not so fair moodlet iconnot so fair
With the addition of witches in Supernatural also comes the magic mirror that they can consult. But only one sim can be the fairest of them all; when an "admire me" action fails, the sim will feel not so fair and get this negative moodlet for a while.
Added with: Supernatural
oily taste moodlet iconoily taste
One of the wonders of the future Sim world is the drink synthesizer. But, just like any other appliance, it can sometimes fail and produce a drink that is not very palatable, unless you're a plumbot, of course. Sims who get a failed synthetic drink may find they get a cup full of oil and this negative moodlet instead.
Added with: Into the Future
one with nature moodlet iconone with nature
This moodlet doesn't mean that a sim will be able to talk to the trees (although there are ways to let your sim talk to harvestable plants and trees), it just means that the sim is feeling very close to nature. Sims with the Loves the Outdoors trait will often have this positive moodlet appear when they are outdoors.
on fire moodlet iconon fire
This is not the good kind of being on fire, this is when there is an actual fire burning on a sim. There are a few instances when sims can catch on fire; fire traps in World Adventures, staying out in the sun too long in Seasons, or just leaving something in the oven too long and then standing too close when it catches fire. Whatever the cause, this is an extreme negative moodlet. Get your sim into a pool (but not a fountain or hot tub) or shower (the shower in a can from World Adventures will work here too) as soon as possible to avoid a visit from the grim reaper.
ooo... buuuubbles! moodlet iconooo... buuuubbles!
There are few activities more relaxing than hanging out in the hot tub with the bubble jets going. Sims who do that get to enjoy this fun positive moodlet while they are in the hot tub.
oppressive heat moodlet iconoppressive heat
One of the early adventures in Al Simhara is to explore the Tomb of the Burning Sands to collect some flame fruit. When sims are inside this pyramid, the oppressive heat moodlet appears.
Added with: World Adventures
peaceful moodlet iconpeaceful
There are a number of ways that sims can earn this positive moodlet. For example, they can use the genie in the lamp (a lifetime points award) to wish for peace, or they can get a peaceful feeling after having a good dream.
phone junkie moodlet iconphone junkie
With the addition of smart phones, sims can now text to other sims, browse the web and start and post to a blog from their phones. Sims who use their phones a lot are likely to get this positive moodlet when they use it.
Added with: University Life
polar bear club
Combining expansion packs and regular activities can have some really surprising and beneficial effects sometimes. This moodlet is awarded to sims who go for a swim in the ocean while it's in the middle of winter.
Added with: Seasons
porcelain beauty moodlet iconporcelain beauty
When your sim grows up as an imaginary friend doll, she doesn't have the same kinds of experiences as other sims. Specifically, she has never used a toilet. But when she does use one for the first time, it is a thing of wonder and beauty.
Added with: Generations
power of imaginary friend moodlet iconpower of imaginary friend
Good friends can make powerful allies. This is even more so when the friend is an imaginary friend. Children get this moodlet when they play with their new found imaginary friends.
Added with: Generations
power study moodlet iconpower study
There are plenty of items that sims can use to increase skills, but there is also a location that can help. When sims visit library lots, they get this positive moodlet; but it doesn't help with sims' moods, it helps with sims' abilities to learn skills from books. When they're at the library, skill building through reading is improved.
Sims that fall prey to a booby trap will get this negative moodlet.
Added with: Generations
pregnant moodlet iconpregnant
On the second day of a sim pregnancy, once the mother realizes that she is pregnant and changes into maternity clothes, this positive moodlet appears. It remains until the child (or children, if she is having twins or triplets) is born, it disappears.
preparing for university moodlet iconpreparing for university
Teen and older sims can take the university entrance exams to see how much financial aid they will qualify for. When they do, they are very aware that they are preparing for their time in college.
Added with: University Life
pristine picture moodlet iconpristine picture
Sims really do get what they pay for. In the case of televisions, the more expensive televisions are higher quality and leave sims in awe at the picture quality that they produce.
prom queen moodlet iconprom king / prom queen
Teenage sims who attend prom in a good mood have a chance of being elected as prom king/queen. Once that happens, this moodlet will appear. The selection between prom king and prom queen is based on the sim's gender, of course.
Added with: Generations
publicly disgraced moodlet iconpublicly disgraced
One of the disadvantages of being a celebrity is that people will start bad rumors about you for no good reason. When it happens, your celebrity sim will get this moodlet. It will go away on its own after a while, but you can hasten its departure by having your celebrity sim use the "dispel rumors" interaction on as many other sims as possible.
Added with: Late Night
Workouts that go well leave sims with good feelings. Athletic sims are more likely to have good workouts, and when they do, they will often get this positive moodlet to carry them through the next few sim hours.
pure enlightenment moodlet iconpure enlightenment
This moodlet is another that is the result of drinking an elixir, specifically the potent enlightenment elixir. When your sim has this moodlet, put her to bed and let her unconscious mind make connections that will give her an increase on a random skill level, often of two full steps.
Added with: Supernatural
received flowers
This moodlet means exactly what it says - the sim received flowers from another sim. This usually appears after a sim does the "give flowers" interaction; the hard part is figuring out which color flowers to give.
Added with: Generations
Sometimes a trip to the spa or a vacation relaxes a sim in just the right way to completely refresh him for regular sim life. The sim comes back feeling rejuvenated and the moodlet sticks with him for a while.
relaxed moodlet iconrelaxed
The day spa packages or the free adult vacation (added with Generations) are two ways that put sims in a fully relaxed mood. It will take a lot to ruin the sensation, but coming home to a dirty mess from a teenage party could quickly cancel it out.
rockin' out moodlet iconrockin' out
This moodlet really doesn't have anything to do with music, it's from the rocking chair. When a sim rocks in the chair with a baby in her lap, this positive moodlet appears, along with a boost in the two sims' relationship bar.
Added with: Generations.
rude awakening moodlet iconrude awakening
Most of the time, sims will be wakened by loud noises. The gem cutting machine that came with the Supernatural pack is notoriously loud within the household, waking sims as much as four floors away when it is used. But simpler sounds like crying babies will also wake sims. When it happens, the sim who was awakened will get this negative moodlet and usually go to the source of the noise and complain.
saw great game moodlet iconsaw great game
Sims love great entertainment, especially when it involves rowdy fans, messy food and superior athleticism. Often when a sim goes to see a game at the stadium, he will leave with this positive moodlet.
saw wonderful ballet moodlet iconsaw wonderful ballet
The community theater in the sim town is for more than just movies and concerts. Sometimes there are high art and ballet performances too. Virtuoso sims are especially appreciative of such shows.
scared moodlet iconscared
For some sims, seeing skeletons and ghosts are just too much for them. They feel scared and are inclined to run away at the first sight of them.
scrumptious food
Imagine growing up without ever tasting any food. Imaginary friends don't eat until they are turned real by a potion, so the first time they do eat, everything, even the lowliest of grilled cheese sandwiches, is the most delicious thing they have eaten in their lives.
Added with: Generations
sim-ulated happiness moodlet iconsim-ulated happiness
When sims wearing the quantum power suit activate the biostabilizer, all of their needs levels are averaged together and then set to that average value. After the process is complete, this positive moodlet appears for a while.
Added with: Into the Future Limited Edition – Quantum Power Pack
singed moodlet iconsinged
There are a lot of bad situations that will leave your sims with a burn. Singed is the moodlet associated with the burn, and it will often prevent sims from trying the activity that caused the singeing in the first place. The quick resolution is to have your sim bathe.
sleepy moodlet iconsleepy
As sims tire and their Energy bar runs low, this moodlet will appear. it is more of a low energy warning indicator than anything else.
smalltalked moodlet iconsmalltalked
"So, how about that weather?" said one sim to another. It seems that sims will talk about anything, but some topics of conversation seem to go better than others. Talking about the weather will often make this positive moodlet appear.
snug as a bug
The sim is feeling snug as a bug not in a rug but in a sleeping bag. This moodlet usually only appears after the first time using the sleeping bag, but could appear more often if the sim is in a particularly good mood.
Added with: Generations
soaked moodlet iconsoaked
Sims will gain this moodlet when they are fully clothed and wet. This will happen to a sim if she explores a dive well wearing any outfit besides swimwear, or if she stays out in the rain without an umbrella (or with a worn out umbrella). This moodlet can be removed by having the sim move to an indoor location (out of the weather) and then making a change of clothes; any clothing change will work because the sim is changing out of wet clothes and into dry clothes.
Added with: World Adventures and Seasons
someone to watch over me moodlet iconsomeone to watch over me
There are a couple of sim interactions that might seem a little unusual at first glance. The "confess to watching you sleep" action in the Romantic menu and the "promise to protect" in the Friendly menu will both have the acting sim make a pledge to watch over the other sim. When this happens, the watched sim gets this moodlet.
Added with: Generations and Supernatural
sore moodlet iconsore / aching back
After a strenuous workout, and once the Fatigued moodlet disappears, sims will often feel sore. Pregnant sims also get this moodlet from just the strain of childbearing. This moodlet will sometimes be removed with a relaxing bubble bath, but a quicker and more reliable remedy is either a back rub from another sim or a visit to the day spa for a full massage.
spicy moodlet iconspicy
As sims get to learn exactly how to eat the spicy new foods from the vacation worlds, their tolerance for the spice increases and they learn to like the spice. Sims will still get smoke coming out of their ears after eating spicy dishes, but they will like it.
Added with: World Adventures
The Generations expansion pack added a new woohoo location with the treehouse objects, but it can definitely be a lot more rustic than the traditional bed woohoo. Sims that woohoo in a treehouse have a chance of getting stuck with splinters, which produces this negative moodlet.
Added with: Generations
spooky time
The third holiday in the sim year, Spooky Day, has its own positive moodlet, just like the others. This one appears on Spooky Day.
Added with: Seasons
Spring fling
This is one of the four holiday moodlets. Specifically, this moodlet is connected to the Love Day holiday that occurs in spring. When the holiday arrives, there is a short melody and an alert message suggesting that now is a good time to kindle romantic relationships.
Added with: Seasons
squeaky clean moodlet iconsqueaky clean
Sims will feel extra clean when their Hygiene bars are completely full. Most often, this is right after bathing.
star-struck moodlet iconstar-struck
Sims love seeing celebrities. When it happens "in the wild," especially if the celebrity sim that your sim spots has a higher star ranking, this moodlet will usually appear. Sometimes, sims with this moodlet will autonomously add the action to take a cell phone photo of the celebrity, but when they do, their photos are not available through the phone menu for you, as a player, to see.
Added with: Late Night
stir crazy
When sims are kept in their houses for extended periods, on the order of a week or more, they tend to acquire this negative moodlet. The simple solution to remove it is to send the sim on an errand out of the house. Have him go read a book at the library, do a workout at the gym, go down to the diner for lunch or just sit in the park for an hour.
strained moodlet iconstrained
One step beyond stressed is strained. Sims with this moodlet need some kind of fun activity as soon as possible.
stressed out
All work and no play makes sims very unpleasant. Too much work stresses sims to the point where they refuse to do much of anything that won't help replenish their fun meters.
studious studier moodlet iconstudious studier
Once a sim gets to university, there isn't any specific homework assigned for the classes in the degree. Instead, students are issued a book and an educational item that will help them in their studies. Sims who study from the assigned textbook will get this positive moodlet after a little while.
Added with: University Life
stuff taken moodlet iconstuff taken
In The Sims, it's just a matter of time before your sim gets a visit from a burglar. Then if the police don't get there quickly enough or if the officer loses the burglar fight, something will often be missing from your sim's house afterward, leading to this moodlet.
stuffed moodlet iconstuffed
In earlier Sims games, sims could choke to death from eating too much food all at once. In The Sims 3, there is still a warning if sims eat too much, but it's a neutral moodlet. It doesn't matter what a sim eats, as long as he eats beyond filling up his hunger need bar, he will get this moodlet.
suckered moodlet iconsuckered
Despite its name, this moodlet isn't for when sims fall victim to scammers. This moodlet will appear after a sim has an unsuccessful time exploring a cave on a dive lot. The giant squidsim attacks and uses its suckered tentacles to hold onto the sim while it does, but all of this happens within the rabbithole that is the cave, so we don't get to see it.
Added with: Island Paradise
suited up moodlet iconsuited up
The quantum power suit not only allows a sim to instantly teleport through wormholes to any lot in the town and a biostabilizer that will average all of a sims' needs, it also gives a positive moodlet while the sim is wearing it.
See also: sim-ulated happiness
Added with: Into the Future Limited Edition – Quantum Power Pack
sugar rush
Sim drunkenness comes in stages with the sugar rush stage coming after their first drink of the game's non-alcoholic alcohol. This would be just like being a little tipsy.
summer fun moodlet iconSummer fun
Like the other three holidays that were introduced with the Seasons expansion pack, Leisure Day has its own moodlet, Summer Fun. It's time to kick back and head outside to play in the sprinkler.
Added with: Seasons
suntanned moodlet iconsuntanned
With warmer weather in summer comes more opportunities for tanning. Sims who stay out in the sun long enough will acquire an even sun tan, and this positive moodlet.
Added with: Seasons
sweating profusely
When sims stay out in the heat too long, they could get overheated and faint. One of the warning signs is when this negative moodlet appears; it is time to get your sim into the air-conditioned indoors! Take this moodlet seriously when it appears unless you want your sim to spontaneously combust and get the on fire moodlet.
Added with: Seasons
tastes like fridge
Sims can put away the leftovers from a group meal to save them for later. But if the leftovers sit in the fridge for too long, especially in fridges of lower quality, they will usually take on the flavors of the other items around them, leading sims to think that their food "tastes like fridge."
teeth chattering
As sims get colder from being out in the snow and rain, they show symptoms of being cold. This moodlet appears a little while after the getting chilly moodlet with prolonged exposure to the cold. Sims showing this moodlet are one step closer to freezing.
Added with: Seasons
temporary trait swap
Once in a while, something happens in The Sims that reveals a little bit about the design of the game. In this case, this moodlet appeared for me when I reset my sim after she got stuck in a crowd after class. My sim was still feeling the effect of the dream pod from the night before, but after the resetsim action, the dream pod moodlet icon and moodlet name were replaced with this icon and name; the description and effect remained.
terrified moodlet iconterrified
Sometimes, when the full moon rises over the sim evening, a sim will have a terrifying experience, such as seeing a sim transform into a werewolf. When that happens this negative moodlet will sometimes appear. It is more likely for sims that don't have the brave trait, and especially likely if the sim has the coward trait.
Added with: Supernatural
threw an amazing party
When your sim invites a few party animal sims to join the fun, things can really improve, especially if your sim has plenty of positive interactions with the guests.
threw a raging party
That party was beyond awesome, it was a super rage! The music was pumping, the guests were dancing, the host was hosting, even the butler got in on the dance. It's possible to get to this level of party on your own, but a party full of party animal sims will have an easier time achieving this level.
tired moodlet icontired
The names of this moodlet and the sleepy moodlet would seem to imply that this might be less of a danger, but the tired moodlet is actually the second level warning moodlet for a sim's energy reserves. To remove this moodlet, let your sim sleep, preferably in a comfortable bed.
too spicy moodlet icontoo spicy
With the vacation worlds of Shang Simla and Al Simhara, Sims now have the opportunity to try some new regional dishes such as firecracker shrimp or aloo masala curry, and others that are more on the wild side of the cookbook. Sims that aren't used to those kinds of flavors yet will finish their meals with smoke or flames coming out of their mouths from the intense heat of the peppers. When they do, they get this negativemoodlet that sticks with them for a little while.
Added with: World Adventures
When sims go for a bubble bath, the default is for them to lounge around in the suds for about twice as long as it takes for them to clean themselves. If they are allowed that lounging time, they will leave the tub in a tranquil mood.
unimaginable comfort moodlet iconunimaginable comfort
After growing up sleeping on the floor, imaginary sims finally get to sleep in a bed once they drink the potion to become real sims. Even the lowest quality bed is more comfortable than the plushest carpet, and this moodlet is the only way they know how to describe it.
Added with: Generations
very clean laundryvery clean laundry / very fresh clothing
These two moodlets are caused by the same actions. Sims like to feel clean, and they especially like when they're wearing clothes that are straight out of the dryer. When a sim empties the dryer, one of these moodlets will usually appear, as if the sim had just changed into the now clean clothes. They also may appear a little later after the sim realizes that the sheets have been changed on her bed.
very hungry moodlet iconvery hungry
The Very Hungry moodlet is a second-level warning moodlet that the sim needs food. When this moodlet is present, sims will often cancel interactions that involve physical activity such as repairing objects or exercising. This is a strong negative moodlet that can be removed by feeding the sim any type of food.
well rested moodlet iconwell rested
Comfortable beds, relaxing nights and pleasant dreams can really help improve a sim's mood. The sim will wake and rise feeling well rested and have a positive boost for at least the morning.
winner moodlet iconwinner!
Sims pursuing the professional athlete career will have games to play as part of their jobs once they pass level 5 in the career path. When they go to the game in a good mood with their needs mostly filled, and with a high enough athletic skill level, they have a higher chance of winning the game and earning this positive moodlet.
wish master moodlet iconwish master
The wish enhancing elixir that can be concocted at the elixir station has nothing to do with genies. Instead it will double the result of satisfied wishes in a sim's queue, so now your sim can get twice as many lifetime happiness points for fulfilling desires.
Added with: Supernatural
with flying colors moodlet iconwith flying colors
Final exams at Sims University are always on Fridays, and if a sim is prepared with a high enough grade during the semester, the sim might just pass the exam with flying colors.
Opposite of: bad exam taker
Added with: University Life
There are only a few places in sim adventuring that are so crammed with tranquility that they leave sims feeling in a state of zen. The Scholar's Garden in Shang Simla is one such place.
Added with: World Adventures
zero-G master moodlet iconzero-G master
With the addition of Oasis Landing and the astronomer career that came
with the Into The Future expansion pack, sims can now visit the science center and experiment with zero-gravity. When they have a positive experience, they earn this moodlet.
Added with: Into The Future