September 22, 2013

Double bonk – Diving reset

So I told Delia to go explore one of the caves in a scuba diving location.  She got there and swam to the cave entrance, but instead of entering the cave, she instantly reset to the nearest beach along with the other two sims that were diving at that location at the same time.


Delia (in her scuba gear) shared the reset space with a fairy and with a mermaid for a few seconds until they all realized how awkward it was and stepped apart.  I’ve seen several instances of two sims sharing the same location, but this was the first time I’d seen three in one spot.  Delia didn’t autonomously change back to her everyday outfit, so when she got home and flirted with and subsequently kissed her husband Triton, she kept the mask on.


I guess the oxygen was more alluring than a real kiss, and he is a merman, after all…

I’ve seen similar resets in various Let’s Play videos, so I know I’m not the only player encountering this issue, but it does get annoying when my sim is trying to fulfill a quest that includes cave exploration.