September 4, 2013

An update from EA – Updated

So after posting about a bug yesterday, today EA announces that update 1.58 is available.  The release notes don’t appear to address the issue I described then, but there is another issue that I ran into but hadn’t written up yet that is apparently fixed in the update.

I moved Delia Dietrich to a new 3-story houseboat (I’m still playtesting this houseboat and plan to upload it as soon as the uploader stops giving me errors that the lot couldn’t be shared for some undisclosed reason) that used two Hewnsman Spiral Staircases stacked on top of each other to transition among the three floors.  I chose this spiral staircase because I liked the way it looked in the corner of the living room better than the ladder or the other staircases.  [Hmm… what if I used an elevator…?]  I built the houseboat so that it had two main floors above the water line and a basement floor below, which meant that the main entrance was on the middle of the three floors.  Therefore, the staircases were one going up and one going down.  When I tried to direct Delia to go to the basement floor, she route-failed and couldn’t figure out how to get down there unless I either removed the upper staircase, or used a different spiral staircase.  I settled on using the Roundabout Spiral Staircase because the problem appeared to be isolated to the Hewnsman model.

In the release notes for today’s update, I see this may have been addressed:

Sims can now route properly up consecutively stacked staircases on houseboats.

I’ll have to put the Hewnsman staircases back and try again…

Also, if you haven’t ever read through the release notes for a The Sims update before, take another look at them.  There are some interesting gems to be found in them, like this one:

Fixed two occurrences where a houseboat could be created on top of another houseboat thus causing both houseboats to be stuck for eternity…which is a very long time.

I wonder how I could create a houseboat on top of another in the first place?

UPDATE – I just tried replacing the Roundabout stairs with the Hewnsman stairs and yes, this game update fixed the issue described above.  Yay!