September 20, 2013

Misc tip: Island Paradise assets in other worlds

My favorite expansion pack so far has been World Adventures.  I love that all my sims need is the cash to get to the other worlds and they can easily bring home enough money bags, gems, insects, plants and relics to more than triple the return on investment for the price of the tickets to get there in the first place, and then adding all the lifetime happiness points from satisfying sim wants gets them bonuses even faster as well.

So now that I have Island Paradise installed as well, I’ve found that my sims can get to some of the more isolated locations a little more easily than before.  For example, here we see Delia using a water taxi to get back to the mainland from the river island in France.


Delia had already completed the tomb to get to the treasure room buried under this island, but even if she hadn’t, the water taxi gets her across the water in no time.  Why would you want to take your sim there?  Well, there’s a butterfly spawner on the island that once in a while spawns the extraordinarily unusual glowy butterfly, one of the rarest species (and therefore one of the most rewarding when you sell it) in the game.

If you haven’t installed Island Paradise yet, there was a general base game update a while ago that added the ability for sims to swim in the ocean.  Sims can swim across rivers too…