October 27, 2013

World Adventures tip — learning martial arts in Champs Les Sims

When I send my sims on adventures to the three tomb destinations, I usually start them out in Shang Simla to begin their training in martial arts.  While they’re there, I always have them buy at least one training dummy and board breaker from the general store as well so they can continue their training when they return home.

But, I could just as easily send my sims to Champs Les Sims first to get them started in martial arts too.  In the museum, there is a section dedicated to each of the three adventure worlds.  The museum’s exhibits for Shang Simla include a board breaker and training dummy, and they aren’t roped off so sims are able to walk right up and use them.  Sims using these training tools in the museum build their skill just as fast as if they were using them at home.


Unlike museums that we visit outside the game, there are no security guards or docents to keep your sims from touching these two displays, so go ahead and use them.

Also, if your sims get tired while training on this lot, there is a double bed on the museum’s first floor that is freely accessible by any sim.  There are also restrooms, but there aren’t any showers or bathtubs, so bring a few showers-in-a-can if you plan to spend a long time there.