October 19, 2013

Preventing bonks; update today

On Thursday, EA published an update to our favorite game.  With every update, I always make sure to go read the changelog to see what gems were added.  This week’s update is no exception, already taking sims Into The Future.  Yup, the Into The Future expansion pack will be available on October 22, and this update was released on October 17.

There aren’t a lot of fixes listed there, but a few that stand out in the official announcement are:

  • Sim heads no longer appear on the bodies of Plumbots on display.
  • Pregnant Sims keep their belly when wearing clothing purchased from the clothing pedestal.
  • The projection paneling in the Bot Emporium is now interactive.

Even better is that this update includes a few fixes for problems that I’ve run into with sims going to university:

  • Fixed Sims not always loading correctly when travelling to University.
  • Fixed Sims sometimes losing family data when travelling.

I want my sims to get to university properly, so I’ve applied the update, but I invite anyone who gets Into The Future, doesn’t apply this update and sees the bonk with sim heads on plumbots to send me a screenshot.  Please!  B-)