October 17, 2013

Carven der punkin

Okay, so this image today isn’t really unexpected but rather just showing normal gameplay (therefore, I don’t really count this as a bonk image).  I have been a bit busy this week with finishing photo projects and meeting with clients so my sim play time has been a bit shorter than other weeks.  Anyway, because the real Spooky Day is two weeks from now, my sim is carving a pumpkin.


To make this a little more than just a “look at this” post, here are some quick tips regarding pumpkins:

  • Send your sim to the Fall Festival to harvest pumpkins.  They are free from the pumpkin patch at the festival and your sim will usually harvest pumpkins from several plants if you just let her work at it.  You might find pumpkin seeds from random spawners around the town, but there are always pumpkin patches at the Fall Festival lots that were included in the standard sim towns (and during the other seasons, the grocery store sells pumpkins year-round).
  • When your sim carves a pumpkin, she will retain the seeds which can then be planted by sims with gardening skills to grow and harvest more pumpkins.  This of course leads to increasing your sim’s gardening skills and higher quality fruit, which itself leads to higher quality seeds and if you keep planting and harvesting them, you’ll get perfect quality pumpkins in just a couple growing cycles.
  • Watch out for troublemaking sims after you’ve put your carved pumpkins on your sim’s porch.  Sometimes you may find that your pumpkin has been smashed.
  • As your sims carve more pumpkins, they will create higher quality carvings and unlock more types of carvings, in much the same way as making snowmen can unlock different types of snowmen that the sim can build.
  • Finally, be sure to check out the cookbooks at the bookstore.  There are a couple recipes sims can learn that use pumpkins.  For sims whose favorite food is pumpkin pie, learning this recipe can be quite useful to get your sim’s hunger need satisfied quicker than with other food.