November 23, 2013

To the moon, Alice!

In The Sims 2, sims who used the telescope to explore the sky would sometimes find that they had summoned visitors.  In The Sims 3, we had to wait until the addition of the Supernatural Seasons expansion pack to get extraterrestrial visitors back into the game.  But the aliens that were added with this pack were much more interactive than those in The Sims 2.  For one thing, the aliens in Supernatural could become playable sims.

There are a few ways to meet and interact with aliens.  The first and most obvious is to wait for your sim to see mysterious lights in the sky just above her.  The sim will be so intrigued by the lights that she will cancel all interactions and go to investigate the mysterious lights.


This interaction will often occur at night, but I’ve seen it happen at all times of the sim day.  It also doesn’t seem to matter if sims are indoors or not.  When this interaction appears, the sim will go outside and stand under the lights looking up at them for a couple sim minutes.


If you let the interaction continue, the lights will eventually dissolve and you’ll see a spinning alien craft and its controller appear and the alien will use an antigravity beam to lift your sim off the ground and into the ship.


After about a sim half hour, the alien ship will return, land on the street near where the abduction occurred and your sim and the alien will both appear on the sidewalk.


When the sim is returned, there aren’t a whole lot of interactions that she can perform with the alien right then.  You might be able to have her heckle the alien if you’ve got the Showtime expansion pack installed, but the alien is almost immediately running back to the ship to return to space.  Female sims don’t get a whole lot out of alien abductions other than the negative Abducted moodlet.


If it was a male sim who was abducted, he will soon go through the stages of sim pregnancy and an alien baby will be added to your sim family (I don’t have screenshots of this right now, but I’ll post them as soon as I get them).

This isn’t the only way for a sim to encounter an alien, and there’s a lot more to tell about aliens once they join your family as playable sims, but if I told you everything about that now, I wouldn’t have anything to post about later.  So, watch this blog for more soon.  Besides, it’s time for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, and I’ve got other aliens to watch for a little bit.