November 20, 2013

Bonehilda isn’t for every sim

So if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you should know by now that I like to get a Bonehilda coffin for my sims whenever possible.  Bonehilda originally appeared in the Sims 2 Makin’ Magic expansion pack, and she was brought to the Sims 3 with the Supernatural expansion pack.

She is an almost do-everything maid that doesn’t need to be fed or paid and she doesn’t try to steal anything from your sims if you don’t pay her.  Bonehilda cleans up dishes, rakes leaves (if you’ve got the Seasons expansion pack installed), changes diapers, puts away leftovers, puts away books, repairs broken items around the house and will even try to put out fires.  One thing I’ve noticed that she won’t do is laundry (which was added with the Ambitions expansion pack and again with University Life).

Bonehilda can be a bit of a troublemaker, kicking over gnomes or even brushing her teeth when she doesn’t have any cleaning or repairing to do.  But with all the good that she does for just the one-time purchase price of her coffin, Bonehilda is not always the best fit for a sim household.


Sims who are easily frightened will freak out when they see her.  During these freakouts, sims cancel all other actions and run away screaming.  If they don’t run far enough and can still see Bonehilda, they will again cancel all actions and run screaming.

There are a few solutions to the freakout problem, including the Midlife Crisis lifetime reward which will let you pick new traits for your sim.  If you don’t want to change your sim’s traits, it can be tricky, but your sims can time Bonehilda’s awakenings and dismissals to those parts of the day when the troubled sims are away from the house.  However, the simplest solution for sims who are too afraid of Bonehilda is to replace her with an executive butler.  The butler can do everything Bonehilda does and he has his own needs, but that’s a discussion for another time.