November 12, 2013

Bad boys… and girls…

One new set of interactions added with the Generations expansion pack are pranks.  Pranks can be played by teens on various objects including chairs, sofas, loveseats, sinks, showers, baths and toilets.  Booby traps can even be set against specific sims, depending on the trap selections.  Once a prank is staged, the game shows a glowing orange/red dot under the booby trapped item.


In the case of this screenshot, the teen sim placed a whoopie cushion on the left side of the loveseat.  Rebellious teens or teens who are in the midst of a mood swing are more likely to have the desire to pull pranks and if you’ve got free will turned on, they are likely to set booby traps on their own, especially if they’re alone.  The victims of the pranks will get different moodlets depending on the severity of the prank, the sims’ moods upon falling into the trap and the sims’ relationships with the teens in the household.  It will often result in one or more negative moodlets for the victim.


Here, the adult sim of the household sat on the chair where the whoopie cushion was staged, resulting in a 1-hour long Pranked moodlet and a 3-hour long Embarrassed moodlet.  This time the victim sim did not see who set the prank, so he looked around the room angrily for a moment and then stayed seated to read his book.

Be careful when you have teen sims set booby traps.  If an adult sim sees a teen sim setting a trap, it could lead to a scolding from the adult sim, which would reduce their relationship points as well as give them both negative moodlets (and the booby trap itself will not be set).  But rebellious teen sims can gain positive moodlets from successful pranks, and with practice, they become better at setting traps and are caught less often.