June 28, 2014

A new challenge - all lifetime wishes

There are a bunch of different gameplay situations that I have never tried in The Sims 3.  Usually when I create a sim, I assign traits that are similar to my own and I play the sim through lifetime wishes that I think are easy.  There are so many more ways to play than just what I've done, and the most obvious to me is to try to achieve the rest of the lifetime wishes that I've previously just passed over.

So, I started a new type of legacy family, this one will have sims with very different traits than I usually play so that I can work on achieving all of the lifetime wishes that I have available in my game.  I've got all the expansion packs, and a couple of stuff packs, so this will take a while.  I'll keep a page on this blog to show my progress.  I'll also post occasional updates on this family so you can watch it happen to.  I've got this challenge started with a family of four (mother, father and twin daughters); both parents have achieved their lifetime wish and the two children are well on their way.

More to come...