January 14, 2014

One more place for public woohoo

This game continues to amaze me with what the developers have added into it.  You’ve probably seen the videos that try to show all of the woohoo places in The Sims.  It’s likely that you’ve had your sims woohoo in bed (duh, who hasn’t?), in the shower, in the hot tub, in an igloo, in a haystack and now in the restorable car that comes with the newest town.

This week I had my young adult sim and her fiancé tour the Wilsonoff Community Theatre on a date.  I wanted to have them watch a movie or see a show together, but instead I found these options in the location action selection:


Yup, they can makeout, woohoo and even try for a baby in the backstage area.  The building stays firmly positioned on its lot, but a shower of hearts falls on the roof to indicate the activity that is occurring inside.


Now I wonder what other rabbitholes also support woohoo?