February 9, 2014

Finally get this added to the game

It took fourteen years since the first Sims game to finally get a staircase that is not either completely straight or spiral. The new Prism Art Studio venue released on February 6 includes this little gem…


The new venue is normally priced at 1900 sim points (about $20), so it may be a while before I get it, considering that I just used the 14th anniversary sale to finally buy Pets and Into The Future.  These stairs don’t appear to be available separately yet; at least they aren’t listed in the stairs category in the store yet.

I’m still waiting for the ability to curve staircases so I can have those grand sweeping stairs for my Sim mansions, but this is getting closer.  What I really need for my everyday sims is the ability to stack straight staircases so I can have my basement stairs descend under my second-story stairs as they are often built in real life.